Riding the See-Saw of Life

Remember when we use to play on see-saw’s on the playground? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one at the park when I take my son Jake. I’m sure that someone’s kid got hurt and tried to sue some company so they took them out of the parks. I know they make a safer version from when I was a kid but I just don’t see them anymore.

I’ve had some interesting growth opportunities with my business and becoming a speaker. I’m starting to see everything going to the next level.  Each week I’ve experienced days of feeling excited and other days of feeling unsettled. Those are the days where I find myself deep in an inner reflection on where I am in my life.

You’re probably asking, what does this have to do with a see-saw?

Well, I started thinking about see-saw’s the other day, how it related to my Journey and how I view my life. You know when you’re on the see-saw, you never really sit in the middle, the part of the analogy where I’d consider the “balance.” That’s where the thing was attached to the bar that held the see-saw and really, you could get your hand caught in the hinge if you tried to hold on to it (oh the mommy in me comes out!). You had sit on either end, go up and down and hold on to the bars to make it work.

I’ve been struggling to find a way to “balance” all the pieces of my life when really I should accept the fact that life is like a see-saw. If we want to ride on the see-saw of life, we have to go up and down.

When we accept that we’ll always have times when we hit the ground, we  know we need to brace ourselves and plant our feet firmly on the ground so the see-saw doesn’t slam our butts into the board. To get us back up in the air, we push as hard as we can against the ground.

And when we’re up in the air, our feet are dangling, we can see the whole park and the tops of the trees … we feel that high of being so far up in the sky. You feel the thrill of the rush and the power of being above the ground. But then, back down you go when the other person pushes you back to the ground. And its OK because you know the ride isn’t over and you’ll get back up there again.

We all know that you can’t really ride the see-saw alone or you’ll just sit on the ground. You need another person on the other side to ride with you to help push you up into the air. It’s that support system that I was talking about in this post here.

And isn’t that what life is all about? It’s the ups and downs, hitting the ground and then flying back up into the air and knowing that someone is there on the other side of the see-saw, supporting you and helping to push you back off the ground.

Maybe they should figure out a way to bring the see-saw’s back to the playgrounds. I think kids would be better off if they learned firsthand just how great it is to experience the ups and downs of life on a see-saw.

Photo credit: See-Saw

6 thoughts on “Riding the See-Saw of Life

    • Excellent point — which is why I am now divorced 😉 I could only take so much of dealing with my see-saw partner.

      BTW — just clicked into your site. I’m a UGA grad too – Go Dawgs!

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