Sunday Funnys: Jake’s Amazing World of Farts

As a mom of an 8 year-old boy, I am no stranger to the fact that all bodily noises make my son Jake laugh. By now I’m convinced that farts rank number one on the list with burping and strange squeaking noises coming in a close second and third.

I had high hopes this was just a phase that young boys go through but after talking to a close friend who has two sons aged 18 and 23, I realized their fascination with bodily noises doesn’t end. She shared with me a story about how her two sons will still walk up close to her just to launch an SBD (silent but deadly) fart and then walk away laughing.

I’m starting to understand that boys take great pleasure in this behavior and look for ways to share this with the world around them. So for today’s Sunday Funny’s edition, I’m going to give you the latest additions to what I like to lovingly call:

Jake’s Amazing World of Farts

1. Jake’s Battle Cry:

One night after watching way too many hours of kung-fu shows and battle scenes, Jake says to me, ‘Mom, guess what my battle cry is?’ Before I could even answer, he farts, smiles and says ‘Fart – that’s my battle cry.’

2. Reading Percy Jackson:

Jake and I have been reading the Percy Jackson series. We take turns reading the story out loud and we finally finished the first one earlier this week. In the story, Percy has a special sword with mythical powers which he affectionately refers to as Riptide.

We were halfway through the book when Jake shared with me his meaning for Percy’s sword. He said, “You know what I think about when I hear the word Riptide? It reminds me of the sound someone makes when they fart underwater.”

3. A Poem of Four Farmers:

Jake had to write a story in school and then end it with a poem summarizing his story. Since he couldn’t use the word fart, butt or burp, he chose to use the word ‘bum’ instead. Below is the poem he wrote about the four farmers so he could use a word for butt in his school work:

Boggis, Bunce, Bean and Bum

One fat, one short, one lean, one big bum

these horrible crooks

so different looks

All so unevenly dumb

Photo credit: Earth Clouds

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