The Story That Needs to be Told

Yesterday was a good day. It was a long-dragging-my-butt-home at 8pm kinda day but definitely a highlight for my busy week. The day started with teaching one of my favorite workshops about blogging. It was a small group of people which always means I get more personal and can focus more on their specific businesses.

After the 2-hour class, I was physically wiped. But I pushed onward to get in an hour of work before I went to pick my up my son Jake from school. Then came the second part of my good day. After I dropped off Jake with his Dad, I headed to the first session of my Fall Writing Class.

For my new readers, I take a 9-week writing class every Spring and Fall. Being in a room filled with other writers helps me more then any of the online blogging challenges that I logged into over the summer. While I enjoy all the antics and conversations between the people who attend these classes, it’s the writing lessons we talk about, the feedback from other writers and the push to keep me writing is what keeps me coming back.

What really struck me the most from our class yesterday was the new direction our teacher is taking for the Fall classes. She asked us to write a series of stories based on a narrow point of time. Each week, she’ll give us a new exercise to help us write out these stories and by the end of the 9-weeks, we should have a complete set of stories detailing an important event or time in our lives.

On Day 12 of the 15-day Writers Challenge, I wrote the following:

Since I believe in this process, I made the decision to share some posts with you I wrote awhile ago. They’re sitting in my blog notebook as I write out all my thoughts and posts before I type them. Now is the time to type them out and share with those of you in my blog community.

I posted a couple of these stories I was referring to like this one here and this was another one. There’s probably just a small handful of my readers who know what I’m really talking about since I tend to dance about the main issue. Yesterday’s class showed me that it’s time to truly share these stories. These are the stories that need to be told.

If any of my fellow bloggers are interested in joining this journey with me, I’m going to post my writing class exercises and you can write your own series of stories.

Week One: Outline Your Story

1. Decide on one narrow point of time in your life. It could be a summer, a vacation you took, something that left a profound change in your life.
2. List everything connected to it. Brainstorm a list of everything you can think of connected to this event or time in your life. What was involved in this event that you remember clearly? Just make a list of one or two words, no full sentences or complete thoughts required at this point.
3. Write a brief summary of 2 – 3 sentences of what this story is about. If someone were to read the back of a book about this time in your life, what would it say?

Let me know in the comments below or you can email me (you can find my email in the About Me page) if you want to join me in this writing experience. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll post up all my answers to the writing exercises (what do you all think – would that help if we all shared?) but I will post up the final stories I write.

I really believe we all have stories that need to be told. And many of us have stories that also need to be shared.


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6 thoughts on “The Story That Needs to be Told

  1. I have not taken a writing course in a while though I think it would be good for me. I am part of a writer’s group. I really enjoy being part of the group and find it helpful but wish it would meet more frequently.
    Enjoy the class!

    • I just started taking these classes last year and every time I finish, I can clearly see an improvement in my writing. Writers groups are good too — haven’t found any near me but I’ve seen quite a few online.

    • Thank you so very much for your comments about my writing. I struggled with that piece for months and finally got the courage to post it. I really appreciate hearing that it connected with you – you know, we all wonder whether people are really reading, really ‘getting’ us and what we’re trying to say in our blogs.

      Thanks so much for connecting me with and being on this journey – hopefully you’ll be a part of the writing project with me. I think it would be so cool if a bunch of us worked on our stories together, like an online writing group.

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