The Best Time of Day

What is the best time of day? I found that question when I was running a search for raising boys. Honestly, I was looking for the answer of  ‘what the hell is wrong with my son?’  but my Google search pulled up this page. It was an article about figuring out the best time of day for your kid to get them to change some behavior. Like a special time of day is going to get my son Jake to stop the whining when he does his homework or to get him to stop doing that snarky noise when I walk out of the room.

The article really didn’t help but it got me thinking about what’s the best time of day for Jake. The best answer I could come up with was, ‘it depends on how old he is.’

If we’re talking about Jake as the 8 year-old boy, I’d have to say first thing in the morning is the best time of day. A few years ago, I would say reading our bedtime story and the last cuddle of the night. But now bedtime is full of craziness, messing around and unfortunately, most nights it includes yelling. It’s not exactly the moment where I’m going to get the ‘mom of the year’ award.

An 8 year-old boy’s best time is first thing in the morning. He’s still half asleep so he can’t talk back to me. He just moves his tired little body from his bed and hangs out on the couch while I make breakfast. Most mornings we hardly talk but there’s this peaceful vibe between us and you know all is right with the Jake and Mommy world.

When he was toddler, I would say his best time of day was when I would come home from a meeting or from the occasional moment I would see my friends again. His face would light up and I could feel the unconditional love coming from his smile. He would stumble and try to run over to me, kind of like a puppy who was so excited to see you again. I miss those moments.

And when I dig down deep in my memories of when he was a baby, I remember the late nights together in his nursery. To this day, I still can’t understand how I functioned on 4 hours of sleep – not 4 hours in a row, 4 hours TOTAL for the night. But there were those moments … when all was quiet, the soft glow of the night light and Jake was sleeping in my arms.

During those moments, I would sing this Carly Simon song called ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’ in my head, you know the one from Sleepless in Seattle. And now that I think about it, the wee small hours of the morning is still the best time of the day no matter how old he is.

When the sun is high in the afternoon sky
You can always find something to do
But from dusk till dawn as the clock ticks on
Something happens to you

In the wee small hours of the morning
While the whole wide world is fast asleep
You lie awake and think about the boy
And never ever think of counting sheep

When your lonely heart has learned its lesson
You’d be his if only he’d call
In the wee small hours of the morning
That’s the time you miss him most of all

— In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Photo credit: Boy with Dirt

5 thoughts on “The Best Time of Day

    • Funny how this started out to be about one thing and then moved to this … but I thank you for reading and enjoying my posts. I think our 8 year-olds have a lot in common 🙂

      • If so, you poor thing. Seriously, my son really keeps us on our toes and is very challenging. However, he is also bright and sweet. I have to keep reminding myself of that when the frustrates the heck of me.

  1. Good write! I try to relate, but only had one child for a year and a half and after that went to a total of four. Good luck, Mommy!

    • I can’t even imagine having more then one kid! I’m losing my mind with work and taking care of Jake … if I had three more, I’d be in the nut farm. I have no idea how you did it but (as we said in class while reading JT’s book) Bless Your Heart 🙂

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