It’s Officially Fall

Well hello there September! I was reminded by a couple of readers when I posted my Tribute to Labor Day that this holiday marks the official end of Summer. Fall has officially begun.

For those of us who live in Florida, Fall usually comes in pretty quietly. We don’t get to see the change in the color of the leaves or the the cooler temperatures allowing us to finally open our windows. We have two seasons here in Florida – January and Summer.

We’ll start to notice a change in the humidity sometime in October and then one day in November, all the leaves will fall off the trees in our backyard. I seriously mean that’s how it happens. One day the trees have leaves and the next morning, there’s a pile of leaves on the ground. It sounds like its the strangest thing to see.  But for us Floridians, it’s one of the few signs we get that our Winter season is on its way.

Even though the leaves are still green and its 90 degrees outside, here is my list of how I know its officially Fall:

1. Football season – Not only did my Dawgs play this past weekend (and got one in the win column, thank you very much!) but Jake’s first Flag Football practice starts this Friday. For the next three months, we’ll be playing, watching and talking about football … and this makes me very happy!

2. Change in my schedule – We are now in the 4th week of school. I’ve already started to see how Jake being back in school is affecting my schedule. Between picking him up earlier and then working on homework when we get home, I’m starting to get behind on my work again. I’ve been fighting it for the past couple of weeks but it looks like I’ll have to start working nights again. I know how this will all shake out if I don’t do something about it. I’ve been here before and I know what I need to do. I’ve been pretending that its still the summer schedule but now its officially Fall. Just like Daylight Savings Time, it’s time to change the clocks and re-work my day.

3. My 12-week online course is done – It took me all Summer to write the course work and last week, I wrote the final session. I learned a good lesson this Summer – when I have a big project to write, Summer with its loose schedule and no homework is an excellent time to get this done. Now the writing is done and we’re working on the new website where you can register for the online class. The end of the writing project means that its officially Fall.

4. The front door wreath – I’m not one of those people who over-decorate for the holidays. My home isn’t one of those yards where it looks like the discount holiday warehouse threw up in their front lawn. I don’t ignore the holidays but I do have my own decorating tradition. I have a door wreath for every season and this weekend, I took down the Summer one and replaced it with the Fall wreath. No one else on my block decorates their door like this so when I changed out the wreath, its a sign to my neighbors that it’s officially Fall.

How can you tell its officially Fall where you live?

Photo credit: Fall Leaves

6 thoughts on “It’s Officially Fall

  1. I don’t feel fall yet. As you say, it’s subtle in Florida. The night temperatures have fallen to the low 70’s, but days still in the 90’s. In my mind, fall starts with the World Series. I do have to admit, however, that I saw my “fall scene” that I set up on the credenza in my closet the other day and thought it’s about time to take it down.

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