Are you ready for some football?

This weekend my son Jake tuned into a pre-season NFL game. He had no idea who was playing who but that doesn’t really matter to a boy who is a sports nut. At that moment, it officially became football season.

I’m not a big sports fan but this time of year changes my athletically-challenged body into a screaming obsessive fan. Every Fall I look forward to watching football but unlike Jake, I don’t just watch any football game. I watch SEC (SouthEast Conference) College Football. And not just any SEC college game but University of Georgia (UGA) college football.

This is the only kind of sports I watch all year. I plan my entire weekend around what time the game is on, can we watch it on TV at home or should we go down to the bar with the Central Florida Bulldog Club to watch the game with the other Dawgs. It can turn my whole week around to spend those 4 hours watching my Dawgs play in a room full of fans yelling, screaming and barking (yes, we bark like WOOF WOOF WOOF – we’re Dawgs for crying out loud!) to cheer the team on.

Like any good mother, I’ve passed my UGA obsession on to Jake the sports freak. He’s so crazy about sports that one time I found him watching girl’s college softball. When I asked him what he was doing, he said it was the only sports game he could find on TV that day and it looked like baseball. He had no idea who the teams were but he was cheering for the team in the red. And it was the team in the red because that’s the same school color as UGA.

I ain’t gonna lie … I had everything to do with that answer! Georgia fans refer to this as the theory of “Start ’em young, Train ’em right.” Just look at these baby pictures of Jake – tell me I’m not a proud mama!


The indoctrination process continues every year. Our summer vacation to Georgia included a trip up to Athens for the day. Jake and I walked around the campus and I took him to the stadium. He had seen it many times on TV but had no idea of how big it really was until he was standing right next to it. His biggest complaint was he couldn’t go INTO the stadium and had to see it from the bridge.

Come on folks … look at that smile! How is this a bad thing? He feels like a part of something that’s important to his mom. And it’s just one more thing for us to share. Now, if I can get him to learn how to bark … we’d be in business ….

6 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. Ah, football. I am considered southern in so many ways! I can make a mean Jambalaya, my cornbread is to die for, I can open up a can of woop-ass when need be and I love going muddin’. But I fail on the football field. Raised with a love of baseball. My 5 year old grandson, however, likes both sports and he’s a Bulldog fan!

    Good write, Penny… keep ’em comin’

  2. Wow! I could have written this, with only a few changes. I am a diehard Michigan fan. Hail! I have successfully converted my husband and my daughter has been wearing maize and blue since she could walk! Love, love, love college football! Like you said, it’s the only sport worth watching. Enjoy your Dawgs! I hope you all have a great season.

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