Shortest Summer EVER

It has truly been the shortest summer EVER. It’s been a summer of reflection, a summer of many many freak-out episodes, a summer of courageously facing my challenges.

It’s been a summer of changes with Jake too. I really started to notice how much he’s changed from my little toddler into full-force boy in this post here. It’s been a summer of Jake wanting answers to grown-up questions.

A summer full of new jokes from Jake and new expressions he’s added to his vocabulary. Here’s the latest thing he says: “Mom, can you do me a solid? And you have to do it Mom because its a solid.” That one completely caught me off guard. I literally laughed out loud.

Even Jake admits this has been a short summer. He described it like this: “You know how sometimes I hit the ball so hard that it goes into the other part of the neighborhood? I have to walk all the way over there to get the ball back. When I first start walking, it looks so far away but when I get there, it really only took like a minute. Well that’s what it felt like this summer. It only took a minute.”

I can’t believe summer is coming to an end this week and on Monday, Jake will be back in school to start 3rd grade. In honor of the fact summer has ended, I pulled together my Top 5 list of reasons why it sucks summer is almost over.

1. Pickup time changes – during the summer, my pick up time to get Jake from camp has been 5pm. When school is in session, I lose 2 hours of work because I have to pick him up when school gets out at 3pm. At summer camp, its the same cost per week if I pick him up at 5pm as it is for 3pm. I’ve been able to enjoy the extra time in my day to get more done AND I didn’t have to work at night.

2. Morning schedule change – for those of you regular readers who followed my 15-day writing challenge (it started here), you know I started waking up early to write the content for my online course. Because of the camp schedule, there were several days a week when Jake didn’t have to be there until 10am. On those days I was able to get in hour of writing AND get in a 45 minute workout. Talk about a productive morning ( internet high five)!

3. Rainy season – while its been proof of global warming this summer with these ridiculous hot days, it’s also the rainy season here in Orlando. It rains almost every day which cools everything down. After one of our big summer storms, it feels like the temperature drops about 10 degrees which makes for a cool evening walk with my dog Winston. When the summer ends, so does the rain. Then we’re just stuck with that annoying hot sticky heat where all you want to do is just sit inside.

4. The beach – we usually the hit the dog-friendly beach a couple of times during the summer. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was because we had so many things scheduled for our weekends but we just never made it out there. The summer slipped by so fast and now I wish we had a few more weekends left so we can plan a day with Winston at the beach.

Fortunately, we were able to sneak in a beach day last weekend when my sister and her family went to Daytona. We drove out there for the day and got a few hours of beach time in before the rain came. The picture at the top of this post was taken that day. If you squint your eyes, you can see Jake on his boogie board in the ocean.

5. Time moving too fast – this is the summer when I really noticed Jake growing up. I noticed the differences in Jake both physically and the way he acts. He’s no longer my sweet little peanut who would cling to my legs and follow me around the house. Now he seems to take pleasure in the time I’m upstairs in my office leaving him on his own. He gets to watch his favorite TV shows, play out his favorite baseball moves with his mini helmets or even sit at his computer to watch Mario Kart Wii videos on YouTube.

He’s too big now for me to pick up and cuddle in my arms. It feels like it was just a minute that he was learning to walk and talk. Now he’s the full-fledged definition of boy.

To quote Jake:   Hey Time – can you do me a solid? Slow the clock down. And you have to do it Time … because its a solid.

7 thoughts on “Shortest Summer EVER

    • I’ve noticed that too – this summer just was WAY too fast. I’m just trying to get him into middle school right now. I don’t even want to think about college 🙂

    • Guess if you look at the calendar, we’re still officially in summer. I think I’ll try to schedule a beach day with Winston soon before the calendar says Fall is here.

  1. sorry, I can’t slow the clock for you You are just going to have to make the best of it.
    My older son is also entering third grade. In terms of marturity, he is funny. I see it in some ways and in other ways, he seems so young. I believe maturity is not a linear thing.

    • I know what you mean about the changes in our boys. I was talking to one of his teachers at the meet/greet last week and she said that 3rd seems to be a turning point for kids, especially boys. I certainly couldn’t disagree and if you figure out some secret for slowing the clock down, fill me in 🙂

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