My Pinterest addiction

They say the first step in dealing with an addiction is admitting it. For my regular readers, you all know I already confessed my Pinterest addiction in this post here – Alice in Pinterest-land – but all that pinning is finally going to pay off. This week my Pinterest addiction is going to make me some money so I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to go through a detox program just yet.

I’m teaching my first The Business of Pinterest workshop this week so right now, I’m knee-deep into the world of Pinterest. And then I got this call from a large corporate company I’ve been trying to partner with since last year. My contact there wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a webinar to talk about Pinterest for small businesses to their thousands of customers. I was like, what the huh? I’m sorry, you want me to do what?

After the third time of asking her to repeat herself (and blaming my phone connection), I stopped having a mini-freak out session and listened to what she was asking me to do. And get this – for being involved in this webinar, I’m going to be able to promote my 12-week online course I’ve been working on this whole summer.

This is going to be so totally HUGE and BIG for me that now I’m going back and forth between telling myself  ‘how much I rock’ to ‘holy crap – I have to get this stuff done, tested and the new website launched.’ As soon as I get more details, I’ll pass them along so you can join in the fun and hear me talk about Pinterest.

I had this post I was starting to write for today but I’ve got Pinterest on the brain. When I started typing, this is what came out. So for today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite pins from my boards, just because its the Pinterest thing to do ….

From my Murphy’s Law for Moms board:

From my Makes Me Smile board:

One of my favorite pins in my Buffett and the Parrotheads board:

And my favorite board called Just Sayin … there were just too many there for me to decide which ones to post. Click on this Just Sayin link to see the board and give yourself a good laugh for the day!

If anyone else is on Pinterest, let me know. Click on my Pinterest follow link on the right side of the blog and I’ll follow you back. I’ve already connected with some of my fellow bloggers on Pinterest so join in to my addiction. Happy Pinning to all and to all a good Pin-night 🙂

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