The Question and Answer portion of the evening has ended

Like any other child his age, my son asks questions. Some days I understand why he’s asking me so many questions but most days, it’s just doesn’t make sense.

And when I hear him him say “Mommy what …” – it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I know I’m about to get hit with a dozen pointless questions. I can usually make it to about 5 questions before I tell him I’m done.

We had this exchange this other night. Jake was making monsters with his legos and was telling me what each monster was and their destructive powers. Then the questions began ….

1. Which monster do you think is my least favorite?

2. Which monster do you think would explode?

3. Which one would win in a battle?

4. Which one is your favorite?

5. Where do you think these monsters like to live?

“Alright” I yelled, “that’s enough! No more questions.”

Jake says, “One more question … so why did you have a kid if you didn’t want to answer questions?”

The question and answer portion of the evening has ended. Go to bed.

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8 thoughts on “The Question and Answer portion of the evening has ended

  1. Oh my dear, dear friend! I wish I could say to you: this too shall pass. I cannot. As I was reading your blog my son (now in his early 40’s) came into the room and said:

    1. Of all the West Wing episodes do you know which one was my favorive?

    2. Do you know why?

    3. Which one was your favorite?

    4. Why?

    So you see, time passes, but the beat goes on…

  2. At 17 my son asked me this at 7 o’clock this morning. “Mom, if you and Tommy (his BF) were hanging off a cliff and I was holding onto both of you, would let go to let Tom live?”

    Be grateful that you can say…go to bed and he still listens.

    • OMG that’s freaking hilarious! And I was so hoping this would be one of those phases that goes away when he hit puberity.

      So what did you say? Who did you let live?

      • Boy, answering that question would really be tricky!

        You could say, well, I’m your mother, and I would expect you would save me.


        I raised you as a good Christian and I would hope that you would save your best friend who is younger and has more life to live.

        I now feel relieved to have gotten the “West Wing” question!

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