Sunday Funnys: The Summer Camp Movie

Last week I taped the movie Fred 3: Camp Fred. This week my son Jake has watched this over and over and over and yes, over again. My normal response to anything Fred is to avoid being in the room or ignore what’s going on with this show.

For those of you who haven’t seen this show, Fred is this weird kid who wears suspenders and has a high pitch squeaky voice. He’s like Urkel without the glasses. Personally I think Fred is more annoying then Urkel could have ever hoped to be because he whines, sings and sometimes, whines while he’s singing.

This is Fred. Does he look normal to you?

After days of avoiding the show, I finally got trapped in the living room when it was on because I was folding laundry. So I’m listening to the kids on the movie and I finally heard the name of the summer camp. I stopped everything and looked at Jake. Did he just say what I think he just said? Jake nodded while he was laughing.

Here you go folks …. this is the name of the summer camp. And yes, you pronounce it just like you think it should be.

Yes, that’s right … it says ‘Camp I-Wanna-Pee-Pee.’ And that’s about all I have to say about that ….

10 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: The Summer Camp Movie

  1. How much do we have to endure as mothers? No one, absolutely no one told me I would have to watch shows that were beyond annoying more than once at the baby shower. If I recall it was all ooos and ahhhs. Hang in there momma!

    • Tell me about it! Someone should write a book for mothers with the REAL stuff we’ll have to deal with – these annoying shows, the smells/sounds of boys. Where is this type of book telling the real stuff that we have to deal with?

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