Oh Pinterest … why has thou forsaken me?

We now interrupt my weekly blog schedule to give me a chance to whine and complain. See that image? It means I’m locked out of Pinterest. My beloved addicting Pinterest boards. The last time I pinned anything was Thursday of last week and I’m starting to experience withdrawal symptoms.

It started innocently enough – problems repinning from my phone but I could at least get into the site and just look around. When I contacted Pinterest on their fan page, I discovered they were having issues with people like me who have android phones. They claimed they were trying to fix it and for us to just be patient.

And then it happened … the message that stated I was locked out. I thought at first this could be my fault as I kept trying to log in to see if the problem was fixed. But then when I read about the others who were locked out (some got back in only to be locked out again after an hour), I knew something terrible had happened. My precious Pinterest was broken … and I cried.

And then I got mad and screamed a few words that I wouldn’t say in front of my child. This was so NOT the week for this to happen! Are you kidding me? This was the week I was going to start working on my presentation for my The Business of Pinterest workshop. How can I work on something that I. CAN’T. GET. INTO?

How am I suppose to be patient without reading my usual humor quotes, looking at delicious food pictures I’ll never make, cute clothes I’ll never afford and great home ideas for the house that lives in my dreams? Huh? Answer that oh Pinterest employees who never answer your emails??

So back to Facebook I went since it seemed the only place where I could get some answers. First I saw this comment in another person’s post who was locked out like me:

I found myself constantly going back to Facebook to see if anything new came up. Kind of like when the cable people tell you they’ll be there between 8am – 5pm and you just know the minute you take your dog for a walk, THAT will be the time they show up and you come home to find a note to say ‘sorry we missed you.’

And then I found this:

So now I sit and wait. I guess maybe I should try to get some work done and at least act like I’m working.

Is anyone else locked out and got back in??

8 thoughts on “Oh Pinterest … why has thou forsaken me?

    • I KNOW!!! I’m having extreme withdrawals so bad, I caught myself looking at the home page just to see the pins. Yeah I know …. you don’t have to say it …

  1. Oh, yes. Locked out and it has been 2 days. Sent a request to support and filled out their survey. Grrr…. cramping my style, free time and blogging projects. Oh, Pinterest… how can you be so cruel??? 🙂

    • i can’t believe this … I’M IN 🙂
      I was locked out on Monday and just got back in. I think they’re finally making some progress and getting through the lock-out list. Hold tight and check your email,

  2. Hi PenneyFox, I’m a reporter covering the Pinterest lockouts. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions in an email. If you have time, will you send me an email? Best, Lauren

    • Hi Lauren,
      I apologize for the delay – your message slipped into my spam folder and I just found it today. I’d LOVE to talk Pinterest! Give me your email in a reply message and I’ll follow up with you. (again, sorry about the spammy thing)

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