Fortune be damned

This past Friday night, I did what every else does at this time of week – I celebrated the fact it was Friday night and the weekend was here! It was a long of week of catching up from being gone on vacation so that in itself gave me the excuse (yeah, like I really need an excuse!) to order dinner from the Chinese food place.

I tried a new place which I shouldn’t have done. Not only was the crappy Chinese food even crappier then usual, I got gypped in the fortune cookie department. Look at this – who puts this in a fortune cookie?!?!?

REALLY?!?! Is that how you’re going to play this out you crappy Chinese food place? So we did what any other person would do. We gave the middle finger salute to that fortune cookie and went out the next night.

It’s days like this that make me glad I live in Orlando. We decided to go down to Universal Studios Citywalk and act like tourists for awhile. And when I say, we, I mean myself and my boyfriend Ben. Yes, folks I have a boyfriend – we’ve known each other for over 5 years – and I just recently got the nod from him to start including him in these posts. Guess he wasn’t sure what I would say since he’s read some of the stuff I post about my son Jake.

The night started out pretty calm like this:

And then we went to dinner and this happened: Get your drink on at Bubba Gumps …. Run Forest Run 

And then we saw this … and decided to stay for awhile.

Any decent Parrothead needs to stop in here at least once in your life. 

And then we stayed for a couple more … because it was that kind of night:

And finally, there was this. Have I told you all how much I love living in Orlando?!?!

By the end of the weekend, we found ourselves at another Chinese food place. Not because I was craving more crappy Chinese food but because I felt like I was robbed of what I wanted on Friday night.  At least I knew I could get sushi at this place and the food was in the ‘this ain’t THAT bad’ category.

And I got another fortune cookie. I felt redeemed.

See this? This is what I’m talking about!

4 thoughts on “Fortune be damned

    • Yeah that crappy thing pissed me off. I still can’t believe they put that in my cookie, what kind of fortune cookie writer does that? Nothing that a few adult beverages can’t fix 🙂

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