I’m the Next Food Network Star

Have you been watching the reality show The Next Food Network Star? Awhile back I admitted to my love of watching reality TV and this is one of the latest shows in my DVR line-up. They’re winding down to the final six people and we’re nearing the end where the viewers get to vote for the final winner.

So I’m watching the latest episode and a thought occurred to me – I could do this. I’m totally the Next Food Network Star! At this point in the show, the contestants aren’t being eliminated because they can’t cook. They’re being sent home because they don’t have a ‘culinary point of view.’ BUT I DO.

I’ve had this idea for a cooking show for YEARS. By now you’re aware of my culinary challenges (if not, please read the post). When I posted this, I heard from so many people about their struggles in the kitchen. I realized there were many kindred spirits out there who can’t cook either and we’re all looking for ways to cook meals that doesn’t require a degree from the Julia Child Institute.

So my cooking show and ‘culinary point of view’ is this: a show to tell us how to cook healthy meals in 30 minutes or less. I’m a Pinterest addict so I see all the recipes out there and most of them have like a 1,000 steps to get to the end result. My quick meals can’t have an hour of prep time before the 30 minutes of cooking. Every step must be self-contained within the 30 minutes.

To me the worst part of cooking is the cleaning, cutting and prepping the crap that goes into the meal. I need to have everything in a bag which can be dumped into the pot, turn on the burner and viola … 20 minutes later ya got yourself some dinner. That’s what I’m talking about folks! Where are the Food Network shows about this kind of cooking?

I’m like … DUDE, I got this!

On this week’s episode, someone was eliminated because she didn’t share her personal stories. She was so warm and engaging during all the behind the scenes shots but when she got in front of an audience or the camera, she just talked about the food.

Me, I know very little about the food I eat. I just know what I like, what I don’t and I know I have no patience for being in the kitchen. But stories … I’ve got so many stories they won’t be able to shut me up! Think about all those stories about my son Jake. I could fill up at least ten 30 minute episodes with stuff about him. And don’t even get me started about the weird food stuff that circles around in my head like why the muffin is the cupcakes cousin.

Again I’m like … DUDE I totally got this!

I got myself so excited about this idea that I forgot one important thing. I don’t have any quick 30 minute recipes to share because I can’t cook. Damn … those Food Network folks probably wouldn’t like this fact about me. I mean it is a cooking show for people like me who don’t cook. Kind of a catch-22 don’t you think?

Well it was a good idea. Anyone out there want to be my partner and do the cooking? I’m telling you guys, I’m on to something here. I mean … Dude, I got this!

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6 thoughts on “I’m the Next Food Network Star

  1. While I was thinking your rocking chair just may have tipped over, it occurred to me that I fancy myself a bit a race car driver. Drivers on I-4 are not impressed. Perhaps we should both just stick to things we’re good at…

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally know what you’re talking about! I’m in college and usually way to busy to do cooking that takes a lot of preparation. The end result is I end up eating the same things over and over again–or just unhealthy stuff. If there was a cook book that could give me meals to make without the long prep work I would totally buy it!

    • Hey there Whitney! You don’t even want to know what I was like in college 🙂
      Now that I have a child, I’ve had to figure out this cooking stuff if only to feed him some kind of healthy meal (or at least my version of healthy).

      I would totally buy a cook book like that too – OR even watch the cooking show idea I have. Of course, I can’t write the book or do the show without someone who uh, knows how to cook … I’m on the search for a partner and maybe we can turn this into a youtube thing.

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