Sunday Funnys: I hate 44% of my life

I hate my life. That’s my son Jake’s new expression he uses when he’s hurt himself, doesn’t get what he wants or something doesn’t go his way. And he says it with such strong emphasis on each word.

Recently we were at the pool and we had this ‘hate my life’ exchange. Once he again, he hurt himself. He scraped his hand along the bottom of the pool causing a few droplets of blood to come out. He stomps out of the pool, throws himself in the chair next to me and dramatically says, “I hate my life!”

And the conversation continued like this:

Jake: I hate my life

Me: You don’t hate your life. There’s good stuff in your life.

Jake: OK, I hate 44% of my life

(side note: I have no idea where he got the number 44 from and why he used a percentage with his answer. Not being much a math whiz myself, I do know enough about numbers to know its better to have 56% of his life he likes vs the 44% he hates 🙂 )

Me: That’s a pretty big percentage, what do you hate about your life?

Jake: I’m always getting hurt.

Me: Well yeah, I’m always telling you not to do stuff and you never listen to me. Maybe if you paid attention, you wouldn’t get hurt.

Jake: And I’m NEVER going to get a DS or a Wii system, am I? You’re never going to buy me one.

Me: Well you’re right about that one. I’m not buying that video stuff for our home. Is that it?

Jake: (takes a deep breath) AND… I’M… SHORT!

I just couldn’t respond. I was afraid if I opened my mouth, I would laugh right out loud and crush him. But MAN, it was pretty damn funny!

Photo credit: Protesting Fish

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: I hate 44% of my life

    • Some days, I follow him around with a notepad. I wish I could make this stuff this up but this is a real conversation i had with him 🙂

      And I checked out your site – VERY cool! I’ll be stopping by again to read more about your tips as I’m finding myself in the same place as you with my clothes fitting a little too close these days.

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