Would you look at that? I got’s me an award!

After reading many blogs and seeing lots of people receive these blogger awards, it looks like it’s finally my turn. I was nominated by Shelbur10. I connected with her immediately when I saw this in her ‘Why I’m here’ section: Writing just helps me stay sane and seeing that some of you enjoy reading and can connect with me through my (mostly silly) posts is incredibly gratifying.

I’m glad I got a chance to meet her and all the others out there in my own little blogging community. Some days it feels good to hear your stories. Read about your fears, problems and laugh at your bitch sessions. Those are the days I don’t feel so all alone with what I’m going through as a working mom.

Now I tell you one random thing about myself – I am a diehard Georgia Bulldog fan. Some of my best years of my life were when I was in college and it wasn’t because I was away from my parents for the first time in my life. It was because I was in Athens, GA and I became a Georgia Bulldog. Hold on to your seats folks when we hit football season!

And now I nominate 5 other bloggers who I want to share with you. I pretty much run across the board with the types of blogs I read and who I follow. These folks all entertain me, connect with me on some level and at the end of the day, bring a smile to my face. And isn’t that what this all about?

Joe’s Shitty Ideas – if you’re OK with an occasional f-bomb, you gotta read this one! It’s about this guy Joe and well, yeah he comes up with these crazy ideas. It’s pretty freaking funny.

The Daily Golden – I just found this site, well she found me when I posted the Tail of Poopie McPooperson. Her site is all about the cutest dogs EVER. Then when we connected on Pinterest, I knew I found a kindred spirit.

Lost mind, found soul – I love reading her rants about her kids and being a working mom. She’s so very to the point, just like me.

Ashley Jillian – no kids, no big corporate job over here. Ashley is a writer (a damn good one) and a comedian. I love getting glimpses into the making her mind.

Life in the Farcelane – She’s all the way across the big ocean from me but her stories make me feel like I’m working in the next cubicle from her. If we worked in the same office, I’d be going to lunch with her so I could hear what she did over the weekend.

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