Sunday Funnys: A Normal Dinner Conversation

First came the Weird Bathroom Conversation with my son Jake. This led to our ‘Normal Dinner Conversation’ we had the other night.

Jake: Am I normal or not?

Me: Compared to who?

Jake: Compared to you. Am I more normal then you? (I’m holding in a laugh now as this is a loaded question)

Me: Funny question, why would you ask me that?

Jake: Because I wanted to know if I was more or less then what your mom hoped for you. Remember when Grandma said, ‘I hope you have a kid who is worse then you’? Did you get that? Am I worse then you? (he asks with a crooked smile, I think he takes pleasure in being weirder then me)

Me: (pause as I think about how to answer this one) Well, Jake I believe I got everything Grandma told me I would get. I got you ….

Photo credit: Boxer Gifts: Coasters

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: A Normal Dinner Conversation

  1. Who knows what mother’s mean when they say things like that! Mine used to say, “I hope when you grow up you have a child just like you!” I took that as a compliment, because I like me. So did I? I have no clue. All I can tell you is my friends think I’m “a bit off the beaten path” and when they meet any of my children they mention apples and trees, maybe it’s because I’m from upstate New York….

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