Great Writer Series Update: Getting My Second Wind

For those of you following my Great Writers Challenge, I found my second wind and I’m back into the challenge this week. As I wrote about in last week’s update, my life and schedule took priority over doing the challenge.

I had early appointments and I realized I had enough time in the morning to either workout or write for an hour. The last few months of my stress-filled emotional eating have started to show up on my body so I chose to use my extra morning time to exercise. We all make our choices and mine has just now put me three days behind in the challenge.

Guess there’s no reason to get upset about it –  I’m up early and doing my hour of morning writing. Second Wind week begins!

Day 7:  Start and the challenge is …. This is the hardest part of creating anything, but also the most important: starting.

Make something ugly. And leave it ugly (temporarily). Be okay with it. Then share it with a few people you trust (feel free to use the comments here, if you like) and look for feedback. Find stuff you can improve and slowly move it towards beautiful.

This was probably a good day to re-start my challenge. It was a reminder to me to get myself started again. Last week showed me why I had gotten behind on the online course writing. For the past few months, I was allowing other things  to take priority over the writing I needed to do to finish this project.

I found every excuse in the book not to get this done even though this is the most important piece for the direction of where my business is heading. This online course is the foundation to make everything move forward so why wasn’t I writing it? It was always in my head (like those two books I’ve been talking about writing but that’s another writing project for another challenge 🙂 ) but I just couldn’t get it out.

Alright Second Wind week is here and today (as Jeff would say) I choose to start with ugly and do the following:

  1. I will actually create something instead of continuing to dream about it.
  2. I will grow. I will learn what works and what doesn’t.
  3. I get the chance to make it better.
  4. And a fourth step Jeff doesn’t include in this day’s challenge — I will FINISH this!


Day 8: Build and the challenge is …. I want you to finish something.

Just pick a project — an essay, a blog post, maybe even a book — and finish it. Not tomorrow. Today. Find something and move it across the finish line. Then do the same thing tomorrow. And the day after that. And so on. If you’re still doing this in a month, you’re building something. Until then, you’re just managing tasks.

It’s the next day of Second Wind week and I’m up early again to write. Once again, I’m amazed how the challenge for the day seems to run parallel with where I am in my writing project. Funny how things seem to work out.

I started writing Week 4 of my online course something like 6 times last week. I even printed it out on paper so I could work on it away from the computer. I was stuck and I just couldn’t get myself to finish it.

Last night, I got an inspiration and figured out how to pull it all together. I wrote it all out today and yes, it was ugly and needs some serious editing work. But I pushed that bad dog kicking, screaming and waving a flag right across the finish line today.

I’m really building something here (she says as she gives in to the process) ….


Day 9: Connect and the challenge is … Find a potential fan, friend, and patron (one of each) and reach out to them. 

Don’t ask for anything but this person’s time. Don’t say no for them or apologize. Just ask. Make it an invitation to coffee (if a local connection) or to Skype. Do it and do it now before you lose the desire.

We now interrupt your scheduled writing day to ask you to do something you’ve been dreading to do.

This one feels like something I’m already doing. I connect with people all the time with social networks and by commenting on other people’s blogs. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with reaching out to a fellow writer friend. I already know who I can email to setup a lunch date – and will be doing it after I finish writing this.

As for the potential fan? I have a Facebook fan page for my business and I can always look to see who has been active on my fan page. I feel pretty good about reaching out to someone on there, but at this point, I’m just not sure what I’ll say.

The last one – the leaders/influencers in my industry – for some reason, that’s the one freaking me out. I participate in quite a few of the social media marketing blog communities on a regular basis. I comment, engage in one-on-one conversations with the top bloggers and even connected with a few on a personal level like Pinterest. They don’t know me personally but would probably recognize my name.

I’m sure an email request to talk to them could get through and not be seen as spam. But … what would I say? What would I talk about? Why do I want to schedule a time to talk to them? Jeez … listen to me … I sound like some silly teenage girl in high school. Why does the thought of doing this freak me out?

I’m going to answer that with one word: FEAR. I think deep down I’m afraid of being rejected, like my point of view in this social media industry isn’t as good as everyone else out there. My self confidence has gotten me this far but today’s challenge is right … I need to do more. I need to put my big girl panties on and make a deeper relationship by coming out from behind my screen name to show them the real person.

I’m going to work through my fear and when I contact one of these leaders, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

And more updates to follow as I work through the rest of the 15-day writers challenge! Anyone out there doing the challenge? Let me know so we can freak out through this together.

Photo credit: Windy

3 thoughts on “Great Writer Series Update: Getting My Second Wind

  1. To quote a great man, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. You can do this. Just put on your high heel sneakers and walk the dog, girl!

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