What the frack is this?

The other day I was enjoying a day by the pool with my son Jake. When Jake wasn’t looking, I started to sneak a few handfuls from his favorite snack Goldfish until I happen to notice something that didn’t seem quite right. I had bought the latest themed version of fish – the space adventures – it has different space-related shapes and brighter colors then the usual bag of fish.

If you don’t have this product in your stores, it looks like this:

Like I said, I was sneaking a few handfuls and there it was. It took me a few minutes to figure out what the thing was suppose to be. Then after a few ‘Holy Crap’s, what the frack is this?,’  I took a picture because no one is going to believe this unless they see it for themselves.

I’m not imagining this, am I? Come on, I’m all for visual aids to teach my son about sex ed but in his goldfish bag?

I finally realized this is a spaceship shape. You’d think with all the focus groups and marketing folks they have who work for this company, someone would catch this. Someone would have spoken up and said, ‘hey maybe we should make this another color not something that looks like skin tone’ or ‘do you think we should make the bottom part look more like flames.’ OR maybe someone did say ‘you guys know this looks like some guy’s privates’ and they all had big chuckle waiting for moms like me to find this.

Does anyone else see this? Or is there just something not quite right about me?

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