Great Writers Series Update: Day 2, 3 and 4

After I made my big declaration about being a writer, I decided to blog about the whole experience. I’m committing to push forward with the Great Writers Series and since I’m not much of a daily poster, here are the next 3 days of the challenge:

Day 2: Believe and the challenge is …. You’re going to get up two hours early and write.

How do we turn something like belief into action? Take some time to dwell on the fact that you are a writer. Meditate on it; let it sink in. Write about it, if you want. Do whatever it takes. The important part is you believe it. And just so you don’t think this is all esoteric, you’re going to do something radical. You’re going to get up two hours early and write.

Holy crap, really??? For the love of everything sane, doesn’t he know its summer? This is the one time of year that I actually get to sleep in. Camp doesn’t start until 9am and if they don’t have a field trip that day, I can bring Jake in later then that.

By the time I went to bed, I had talked myself into waking up early. I’ve been trying for weeks to write and finalize an online course I want to start in August. The writing had been going slow since client projects and blog posts took priority over writing the course work. I made the decision to make good use of this early morning time to get the online course writing done. I even toyed with the idea that I would even be done earlier then I had planned. Just that thought alone made me reset my alarm clock.

So I tried it, sort-of. I woke up an hour earlier and wrote for an hour. It was still dark and yeah, it took me about 15 minutes to get myself out of bed but I did it. I’ve heard rumors of people waking up at 5am to write or workout but just didn’t think it was something I could fit into my world. My brain wasn’t awake so all I could work on was a funny post for my business blog.

There’s always Day 3 … let’s see what that brings ….


Day 3: Initiate and the challenge is … Choose yourself.

Here’s what I want you to do: Write down in some place secret, “I am a ____.” Do it and do it now. We’ll come to it later. For now, pull it out every day and read it.

Alright you guys – cut it out. This is a PG-rated blog post here. And no, I don’t think he meant for me to feel like I’m in a recovery group and own up to my CDO (that’s OCD for those of you haven’t read the post).

Hmm …. that was really a tough one for me since there’s so many things on my list I want to be when I grow up. I’ve got to think about that one for a bit and I’ll get back to you with my final answer.

And I have to wake up early again tomorrow BUT I’m up for this challenge to see if I can do it! I can’t even imagine what’s coming for Day 4 ….


Day 4: Practice and today’s challenge is Find a way to practice in public.

Nothing is the worst thing you can do. Because it’s passive. And writing is active. It requires your fully conscious self. You need to show up and show us your gift. Until you do that, you’re just practicing in private.

Another day of getting up an hour early and man, I’m worn out. The good news is, I’ve made a dent in my online course writing. Alright I’m giving in to the process … making sure I write every day is helping me finish my writing project. It would totally rock if I can finish writing everything out by the end of the 15-day challenge.

So for today’s challenge – here are some of the suggestions:

  • Ask a friend (or stranger) to guest post on his/her blog.

I’d do this one so I came up with a list of people to contact to see if they’d like me to submit a guest post.

  • Publish something on your blog you’ve never shared with anyone. Take a risk

This one is tough … guess that’s why this is called a challenge. I’ve been thinking about sharing the stories around my divorce that only the ones closest to me know about. It’s been over 5 years since the papers were signed and I won my freedom. Enough time has past for me to see outside that immediate emotional frenzy I lived in during the divorce and the crazy year that followed.

Time to take a risk ….

And more updates to follow as I work through the 15-day writers challenge! And if anyone else is participating, let me know so we can go through this together.

Photo credit: Little pencil

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