Sunday Funnys: The truth comes out

Schoooool’s out for summer, schooool’s out for ever …. (yes that was my Alice Cooper imitation – am I showing my age again?)

School ended last week and this Monday was our first week of summer camp. My son Jake goes to the same summer camp that he’s been going to for the past two years. Actually, its the same place where he went for daycare and they have a summer camp program for kids up to 5th grade.

When I dropped Jake off at camp Monday, he was excited to see the friends he hadn’t seen since last summer and was thrilled to find out they were going bowling for their daily field trip. So you can imagine my surprise when we were driving home that night to find him close to tears.

Jake and his fellow summer campers like to play Pokemon and ‘battle’ each other with their cards. Jake had painstakingly (yes, that is the best descriptive word I can think of to use) collected cards all year long, looking forward to these battles. He had gone to the Pokemon store several times with his allowance and gift cards to purchase special legend cards that could win any battle. I think it has something to do with the powers or the level of the card. I don’t really know, most of the time I just nod my head and pretend that I’m listening.

Apparently a bunch of kids were looking at everyone’s cards and they were asking if they can have some of them. Jake wasn’t sure what happened since he walked away from his cards but by the time we got home, he realized that 20 of his legends were missing.

When I pressed him to tell me what happened, he just kept saying he didn’t know. Then when I said, “Why don’t you just ask your friends what happened? Ask them who took your cards to see if you can get them back.”

He immediately shot back this line: “Mom, don’t you know kids lie. They’re not going to tell me the truth. I lie all the time. Don’t you know that? I lie to you ALL.THE.TIME!”

And so the truth comes out my fellow parents. Now, if I could just find a way to use this to my advantage somewhere down the road ….

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