In Medias Res: Into the Middle of Things

A few weeks ago, I celebrated a birthday. It was an interesting birthday that started with a 4 and ended with the middle of the decade. In 5 years, I’ll be celebrating a milestone birthday and the thought of that zero at the end of my age really blows my mind.

The year I turned 40 was actually easier then I thought it would be. I made the decision to celebrate my birthday for an entire year. When one of my friends would say, “I’m so sorry I missed your birthday,” I would say back “No problem – we can celebrate this weekend.” I mean come on, it would be rude of me to NOT accept their presents, let them take me to dinner or treat me to an adult beverage at the pub. The year I turned 40 was a hell of a good year.

But that was five years ago. It seems these days my body likes to remind me on a daily basis that I’m no longer in my 20’s. In other ways, it feels like I’m just starting down the path of where I’m meant to be. Maybe it just comes with age but somehow, it all seems to be making sense now. All of those things that didn’t go the way I thought they were suppose to go. All those doors that I never could understand why they closed. It was all leading up to this moment in time.

This year I finally came to a clear understanding of how to make my dreams become reality. I have a plan on how to move my business into the place of where I want to be and doing what I truly believe I was meant to do. While I completely understand the amount of work it will take on my part to get this done, I keep finding my mind circling with thoughts where I compare where I am to where others around me are in their journey. Some days I get frustrated and it’s hard for me to remember that we’re all on a different path.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the SheCon12 conference I attended last week and all the people I met. Everyone was at a different place in their life. When you meet these bloggers in person, you see them come out from behind their laptops and you get to hear their real stories. You hear about the steps they took and the way they traveled to get here. The hours they put into their blogs to turn their passion into a business. It’s a rare person who just starts a blog and becomes an instant success and millionaire in a few short months.

Some days I feel like I’m still at the beginning of my journey and other days, I struggle with the thoughts about why I’m not further along. OR maybe I’m just into the middle of things as my age would suggest. Everything I’ve been through, all the jobs I’ve had, all the people who have passed through my life – maybe that was just the foundation to form my beginning to bring me to my middle.

So here’s where I am today: In Medias Res – Latin for “into the middle of things.” It usually describes a narrative that begins, not at the beginning of a story, but somewhere in the middle — usually at some crucial point in the action. The term comes from the ancient Roman poet Horace, who advised an aspiring epic poet to go straight to the heart of the story instead of beginning at the beginning.

Photo credit: Birthday cake and candles

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