Sunday Funnys: Scabs and Cherries

We’re in the car and that funny song by LMFAO I’m Sexy and I Know It comes on. My son Jake says, “Mom, what’s sexy?” Trying my best to answer this question in a PG format for an 8 year-old boy, I say “It means that someone thinks you look really good.”

Jake starts singing the song out loud and then says, “I always thought it meant that your butt is sexy. Like it’s a good butt.”  I was like, what the huh? And then he adds, “When I hear this song, I pull up my shirt and rub my stomach.”

By now I’m starting to wonder what he’s been watching when I’m not in the room. Or maybe its that thing they do in iCarly at the end of the opening song. So I ask, “Do you dance like that because you think its sexy?” He shakes his head. “No, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Just because its fun.”

Then he launches into a conversation about two girls at school who he has a crush on. Girl R is the one he’s been in love with since first grade. He tells me he doesn’t think Girl R is sexy. When I asked why, he answers “She’s not what I call sexy. Have you seen her lately? She’s got scabs all over her legs.”

Next he gives me a full description of his latest crush, Girl C. I’m trying to picture which one she is in his class. When I ask about Girl C, he says “I don’t know if she’s sexy but I know she’s cute. And she smells good. She always smells like cherries. I don’t like to eat cherries because they’re too sweet but they smell good on her.”

So I’m guessing that the definition of sexy to an 8 year-old boy means she doesn’t have scabs, smells good like cherries and she has a good butt.

Photo credit: Scab

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: Scabs and Cherries

  1. To funny, I always tried to remember what I thought sexy was at that age since I always found myself playing in the girls playhouse in pre school

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