Sunday Funnys: A Weird Bathroom Conversation

So my son Jake’s getting ready for bed the other night and he just got out of the shower. I was in the bedroom right next to the bathroom and I hear odd sounds coming from him. He starts making these strange noises and making up words. He says to me, “Mommy, did you think that was weird?”

And the conversation proceeded like this:

Me: “Yes, it was very weird and now I’m just glad that you stopped. Now get dressed.” (he was standing in the bathroom doorway with just his underwear on)

Jake starts to put his pajamas on.

Me: “Why are you so weird?”

Jake: “Because my mommy is.” No hesitation on that answer. Just bam – threw it right back at me.

Jake likes to change the subject frequently like every other 8 year old boy does.

Jake: “Mommy want to hear a new joke? What do you call white food?”

Me: “You got me, what?”

Jake: “French dressing. You get it? Its white salad dressing, you get it,  dr-rr-eessss-iiinnngg like clothes. Is that a good joke?”

Me: (pause looking for the right words) “It’s got potential.”

Jake ponders that one for a moment. You can see it in his face.

Jake: “Oh … what’s potential?

Me: “You’re almost there. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

3 thoughts on “Sunday Funnys: A Weird Bathroom Conversation

    • I know – some days I just sit on the couch and watch him spin from one topic to the next. He’s constantly making up his own jokes. I need to remember to try to write some of these down 🙂

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