Writing Class: An Encounter with Nature

Writing Class has kicked into full gear. The class book we’re reading is called The Creek  written by JT Glisson. Last night we had the special honor of having the author JT speak to our class. It was amazing to hear him tell his stories – some we’ve read in the book but others were some pretty cool behind the scenes stuff about his life. It was fascinating to meet JT and we are grateful to our teacher Patricia for making it happen.

I have to admit, I’m really enjoying reading the book The Creek. It’s JT’s version of the famous book from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Cross Creek about a small town in Florida and the characters known as Florida Crackers who live there.  As a native Floridian, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many Florida Crackers. In my former life, I worked for a country radio station and I could tell you some serious stories of the folks who came out to our live broadcasts. We’re talking crackers with a capital C.

It’s not just the people in the stories who have pulled me into the book. It’s that he’s talking about everything Florida that I’ve personally experienced. I’ve learned first-hand what its like to deal with mosquito attacks, snakes crossing your path and finding those nasty palmetto bugs in your kitchen. The Creek goes into great detail about the ‘critters’ we encounter because of living in Florida. All I could do when I read those pages was to laugh, nod my head and say ‘oh yeah – that’s so true!”

I totally get the descriptions about the heat. We have two seasons here in Florida – January and summer. I have no idea how people lived here before air conditioning. Some days its just brutal walking from the front door to your car. I just recently learned the name of the person who invented AC from one of my fellow writing classmates. He’s a famous Floridian named Dr. John Gorrie. He was an expert in tropical diseases and later invented air conditioning and refrigeration. It doesn’t surprise me that it took a Floridian to come up with the idea of air conditioning. I live here, I get it.

So here we are reading this book about being outside in Florida and our teacher gives us this writing assignment to write about an ‘encounter with nature.’ With the exception of the beach and an occasional park, I’m not really a big fan of being outdoors. I’m not a big camper and don’t really care about sleeping in the woods. I always figured that I don’t like it when I find bugs and creatures in my house where I’m sleeping so why would they want me to sleep outside in their homes? Over the years I’ve just managed to avoid all this camping stuff and learned to stay out in the woods. Roughing it to me means no room service and no paved roads.

So this writing assignment about being in nature stumped me. I tried several times to write about the beach or going to the park to walk my dog Winston but nothing ever came out right. So here it is … I’m going to consider this post my writing class assignment about nature.

I’ll end this with one of my favorite Pinterest pins that says, “I’m outdoorsy like I like to get drunk outside on a patio.” And that about sums up my encounter with nature.

Photo credit: Cross Creek, FL

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