The Winner of the Worst Cooks in America

I almost forgot to watch the season finale of Worst Cooks in America because I had the Game of Thrones season premiere on my mind (rock on Starks!) . I remembered the show was on Sunday night right about the time I had cut my finger trying to slice up an apple with one of my steak knives (note to self – figure out which knife to use to cut which food before I lose a digit).

Anyone else catch the show? Curious to see what you all thought as I wasn’t too impressed. The final two contestants were cooking their butts off and making all kinds of fancy foods. I’m sure neither one of them would have ever imagined that they’d be preparing these types of meals just a few short months ago. They both should be very proud of themselves for coming this far. I’m sure this experience has changed both of their lives for the better.

So if we get past being happy for the final two, we’re left with the two chef coaches who continue to pick at each other and basically act like bickering siblings throughout the show. The crap that was going on between Chef Anne and Flay was distracting at best and just plain annoying by the end of the competition meal. I literally walked out of the house and took my dog out.

I came back in time to find out the winner was Kellie. She was very sweet and I was glad to see her win. Actually I liked both of them and would have been happy if either one had won. Let’s be honest folks, the only constestants who I connected with were the ones who were voted off like Sabrina. I mean if someone like Sabrina or Dorothy had made it to the end, I would have been into it more. If someone like them can make these wonderful delicious meals, then there’s hope for me to figure out this thing they call cooking.

I think the show missed the mark with the final two. I thought the idea was to be the worst cooks, not one who was bad and now can cook. Kinda like The Biggest Loser, the person who wins loses the most amount of weight, hence they are the BIGGEST LOSER. Maybe its just me but I didn’t like the way the show ended.

I’m beginning to understand why I missed the first two seasons of this show. Maybe I should just start watching the show in the middle so I can connect with the worst cooks who move through their kitchens like me. Or maybe I’ll just save myself the aggravation and not watch at all.

Photo credit: Cuba Gallery

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