Words That are Funny to Say Out Loud

I started my Writing Class last week. For those of you who are new to this blog, I took a writing class last year and decided to check it out again. I had met a great group of people and learned a lot about writing.  I figured it never hurts to keep learning about something I enjoy doing and honestly, the people who attend these classes simply bring a smile to my face.

Our teacher Patricia jumped right into her lesson about how to ‘read closely’ when you’re reading a book. She reviewed all the bits and pieces of the book from the cover artwork to the copy that’s on the inside before you even hit the table of contents. On one of the inside pages under the copyright info said the following line: Printed in the U.S.A. on acid-free paper.

One of my classmates, Carter, in her best Carter voice says, “What does that mean? First thing I thought of was there’s no LSD on the pages.” Big laugh from everyone. If you had heard her say it, you would have laughed out loud too.

On the drive home, I kept thinking about what Carter had said and it had me thinking about how we ‘hear’ words. That thought turned into a game I like to play called ‘what are the funniest words to say out loud?’

Here’s my top 10 list of words that sound funny to me when I play my game. I included the phonetic spelling so you can say them out loud to yourself. Chances are you’re sitting in front of your computer with no one around so go for it, no one’s listening:

1. Minutia: mi-noo-shee-uh

I brought this one up before in another post when I was struggling to live in the present moment. I love this word because its about the small little things in our lives and I’m all about the small little things in my life.

2. Malfeasance: mal-fee-zuhns

This one always reminds me of some creepy legal thing that I don’t understand. When I looked it up, it had something to do with a ‘committing a wrongdoing.’ The definition doesn’t make me like this word as I’m not a big fan of anyone doing anything wrong to another person. It just makes me laugh to say that word out loud.

3. Nincompoop: nin-kuhm-poop

I actually heard my son Jake use this one the other day. Not sure if he heard it from me as I use it quite often to describe some of the people I work with or he heard it on one of his cartoons. This word is always a favorite because it makes it OK for grownups say the word poop when we’re talking about another person.

4. Whirled Peas: wurld pees

Separately both words aren’t funny but say them together. Years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said ‘Imagine Whirled Peas’ and I laughed so hard I cried. I swear its still the funniest bumper sticker I’ve ever seen. Go on and say it. You know you’ve always wondered what it would be like if we all got along and we had ‘whirled peas.’

5. Shenanigans: shuh-nan-i-guhn

As a big fan of a good pint of Irish beer, this word always makes me think about some cool hole-in-the-wall Irish pub. Of course there’s the real definition which means creating some kind of ‘mischief’ which then just makes me think about what we’re doing in that hole-in-the-wall Irish pub. What happens in Shenanigans the Irish Pub stays in Shenanigans the Irish Pub …

6. Umpteen: uhmp-teen

I totally thought this word was made up by some frustrated mom who couldn’t think straight to give her a kid an actual number of how many times she asked him to do his homework. I can even use this in a mom sentence: There are umpteen ways to do this right. Can you manage to do one of them?

7. Whippersnapper: hwip-er-snap-er

Not something that we use in our daily life but a word that you might hear your grandparents say. It’s actually an insult to a younger person so if someone calls you this, word of warning –  its not a compliment. I usually say this like I’m an older person and I whistle the last part through my teeth.

8. Quid Pro Quo: kwid proh kwoh

Another one of those legal terms that’s funny to say. It always makes me have a Silence of the Lambs moment where I talk like Hannibal and say ‘Quid Pro Quo Clarice, Quid Pro Quo.’ What can I say? I’m weird, I know it.

9. Shih Tzu: shee dzoo

Not only is this a funny looking dog, you get to say a bad word and not get in trouble in front of a PG crowd. You’re really not suppose to say the T but let’s be honest, we all do it so we can say the s-word.

10. Tchotchke: chahch-kuh

I never knew how to spell this word until I looked it up. Its a Yiddish word that stands for all that little crap you get at a tradeshow like the pens, key chains and stress balls.  Yes folks, there’s an official word for the little crap we end up giving to our kids and they play with longer then the expensive toy you bought them for their birthday.

These are just some of my favorites. Got any that you’d like to add to this list?

Photo credit: Word Play

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