Adventures in Raising Me

If you’ve been following the story about Jake’s school problems, you know about how he can’t seem to sit still, talks too much and basically starts messing around when he gets bored in class. We’re starting to see some improvements because he knows that his teacher is emailing me and he can’t get away with acting out anymore without getting punished at home.

This past week had turned into an introspective time for me as I was trying to figure out the basic question that we all ask our kids … “what the hell is wrong with you?”

It didn’t hit me until I thought about how I behaved in my last mastermind group meeting. I remembered I was fidgeting and talking while others were talking. The group members occasionally make comments to me to settle down but its usually in jest. When I remembered this, it finally hit me – holy crap … Jake is me!

While its obvious that Jake looks a lot like me, I didn’t really put two-and-two together that he ACTS like me too. Here’s a picture of me and my sister. I’m the one who looks like Jake. And that’s Jake in his first Halloween costume. We are about the same age in these pictures. Apparently I didn’t like to wear dresses and my mom use to tell me that everyone thought I was a little boy.

I would think about what Jake would be like during those nine long months of pregnancy. I just never imagined that he would be me. And not just the physical parts of me. He seems to have developed all the smart, stubborn and weird parts of me. Many days I find myself looking at him and I see me staring back at me.

I should have seen this when he was starting to develop into my own little mini-me. I remember that he took forever to start talking. I would tell my mom, I can’t wait until he starts talking. She would say back, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ She was so freaking right on that one! When he finally started to talk, he spoke in complete sentences that many times included adjectives and adverbs used in the correct context.

He wouldn’t just ask for a cup of milk by pointing and say ‘milk.’ He’d say ‘can I have milk in my blue cup?’ It was weird but I just figured that it was because I never talked baby-talk to him. By the time he was three, he was talking so much that he turned into this mixture of the E-Trade Baby and Stewie from the Family Guy. I always kept an eye on him whenever he’d start talking to the dog.

I think I’m on to something here. The problem I’m having now is how do I tell me (Jake) to stop being me? As an adult, I know when its appropriate when to act like me and when I need to keep still and shut my mouth. How do I as a parent teach my child not to squelch his personality but still follow the rules so you don’t piss the teacher off?

My mom’s been laughing at me as she follows Jake’s latest antics. I think she’s only asking me about what’s going on because she’s finally getting her revenge from all the grief I gave her when I was a child. We’ve all heard about the Mom’s Curse – “I hope you have a child one day who drives you crazy as much you do to me.” Something tells me that I’m getting the Mom’s Curse tenfold. Damn, I wish I had been more careful with what I wished for!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Raising Me

    • I’m sure you can totally relate! You’ve had your share of the Mom Curse … but hey, remember what we were like in high school? Are they getting their revenge on us?

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