Worst Cooks in America

Have you seen this show – Worst Cooks in America? Apparently the show is on its 3rd season but I just happen to stumble across it on the Food Network a couple of weeks ago. Due to the fact that I’m Culinary Challenged (as detailed in this recent post), I don’t really watch the Food Network. It just comes up when I’m scrolling through the numbers at that end of the channel guide.

I caught the tail end of the show a couple of weeks ago. This past Sunday, I made an effort to remember that it was on and watched it after one of my favorites, The Amazing Race. I was curious to see how these people got on the show, how they would work out the competition and what the heck’s up with that woman with the crazy blond hair.

Have you seen this woman? Apparently she’s a famous chef named Anne Burrell and I’m not quite sure why her hair looks like that. (Anne, let me introduce you to a brush and blow dryer – they can be your new best friends)

It didn’t take me too long to figure this out. Basically these folks were nominated by someone close to them because they don’t know how to cook and Bobbie Flay and Anne were going to teach them how. First they got a cooking lesson from their chef coach and then they had to re-create what they were just taught. At one point, Bobbie is talking about the ingredients, looks at his team members and says, “allspice is really just one spice, not a combination of many spices.” Huh … I thought … I didn’t know that one. I’m intrigued … go on ….

This past episode was about date night. The coaches told the competition they had to cook their own date night dinners for their final challenge. I kept waiting for one of them to say, “the best thing that I make for date night is reservations” and I’d be like, I’m right there with you! Can’t we just go to one of Bobbie Flay’s restaurants and call it a night?

So they start working on their challenge and the chefs move around the kitchen to talk to them about what they’re cooking, why they choose the ingredients and what makes this a date night meal. One of the ladies on Bobbie’s team is Sarina and she’s completely at a loss about cooking. I only know this because I see the look on Flay’s face when he starts to ask her some questions about what she’s doing.

Bobbie asks, “so what’s that you’re cooking?” and Sarina says, “it’s Greek sausage.” Then Flay says, “how do you know its Greek?” Sarina responds with “it said so on the package.” Bobbie squishes up his face. You can tell he’s getting frustrated with her. He comes back with another question, “what’s in the sausage?” Sarina looks puzzled and says back, “sausage meat.” Damn good answer. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Flay then launches into this whole big thing about why the ingredients in the sausage are important to deciding what to cook with it and how the food will go with the side dishes. Honestly, I didn’t even pick up one thing he said. All I heard was the teacher’s voice from Charlie Brown, “wah wah wah wah wah.”

I totally got Sarina and I was right there along with her. Others probably thought she was clueless but I could see that she was trying to give Bobbie the answers he was looking for about the cooking challenge. I get why she didn’t know what was in the sausage and why she didn’t realize that it mattered. At that moment, I became her biggest cheerleader.

Unfortunately, Sarina got voted off the show that night. Funny thing was, she was the person who I connected with the most during the competition. Kind of made me wonder, if I had been on the show, how long would I have lasted? Flay would have done that squished face thing at me and probably I’d have been gone the first week.

If I’d been voted off first, would that make me the worst cook in America? I don’t think I need a Food Network show to tell me that answer.


Photo Credit: Muesli for Breakfast with BLUE  Milk

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