Sunday Funnys: Blissfully Unaware

While Jake showed some improvement later in the week, I’ve STILL been dealing with Jake’s bad behavior choices at school and at home. More emails from his teacher, more stupid discipline suggestions from his father and the hits just keep on coming.

I had a talk with Jake earlier this week about everything going on. I basically said this to him, “If you don’t start making good choices and turn this around, your world is going to suck. Sorry to use that word with you but your whole life is going to consist of you going to school, doing homework and going to bed. Life’s gonna suck for you.”

After that blunt rant, Jake looks at me and says, “Apparently I need to make better choices. I’m blissfully unaware of this fact.”

Jake has always liked to use big words, ever since he learned to talk. His new word that he uses in almost every conversation is ‘apparently.’ Before that, he used the word ‘actually’ every time he tried to make a point.

BUT ‘blissfully unaware’ ?? I have no idea where he got that one. I tried to get him to give me the definition the next day but he couldn’t figure out what it meant or that he had even said it.

Fast forward to a couple days later … Jake’s taking a shower and apparently he forgot to close the shower curtain. When I checked on him about 15 minutes later, I found the wall covered with water and a huge puddle on the floor next to a large strip of the paint that had come off the wall.

I think Jake splashing water on the bathroom wall answered my question – this is what Blissfully Unaware looks like:

Well I guess that answers that question ….

Let me know, what do you think?

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