Sunday Funnys: Questions from an 8-year old boy

Still coming down from the mommy rant post from this past Friday about Jake’s recent behavior.  Today’s Sunday Funnys is just a recap of some of the questions that I’ve heard recently from Jake. Interesting to see how the mind of an 8-year old boy functions ….

Question #1:

We’re watching TV and the Geico commercial comes on with the lizard in the country bar. Jake says, “Mommy, look at that lizard talking and walking around in these car commercials. You’re always telling me to be careful when I’m on the floor. Why doesn’t someone step on him?”

I didn’t have an answer for that one. I just literally laughed out loud.

Question #2:

Jake was helping me clean up and move his toys from the living room to his room. I asked him to not just throw his toys on the floor but to put them away. So an hour goes by and I check out his room. I find that he not only moved all the toys from the living room to his room, he actually organized them in his room.

Clearly I was impressed. I told him I would give him a special reward for his hard work. So I’m thinking of something quickly and say, “how about a dollar?”  Jake thinks for a minute and replies back, “you got a five?”

You’re killing me kid …. and yes, I gave him the five bucks.

Let me know, what do you think?

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