Why the muffin is really just the cupcake’s cousin

I was at a high-end grocery store one day and saw these huge delicious muffins in the display case. It caught my attention because yeah, they looked so damn good but honestly, I’ve developed this weird obsession with cupcakes.

I know that its not just me – everyone seems to be talking about cupcakes. There’s shows on TV about cupcakes (ever tried to watch Cupcake Wars and NOT want a cupcake?), there’s coupons for a free dozen on Groupon and there’s even a fabulous cupcake food truck in Orlando called The Yum Yum Truck that I frequently change my route home to check out their menu.

I’m all over a good cupcake. I’m not talking about the kind that you get from your grocery store or even a step up when you go to a child’s birthday party and you see that someone made a cake out of cupcakes. I’m talking about that good kind of cupcake that usually has a fancy name and costs as much a cup of coffee from Starbucks. The kind that makes a person drive an extra 10 miles out of their way so they can they can pick one up for dessert.

Looking at those muffins in the fancy store made me think … why doesn’t anyone care about muffins? I had always imagined that the danish with that fruit stuff on top was more like the pastries ‘red-headed step child’ but the muffin? I know I’ve certainly eaten my share and contributed to the total muffin consumption count. There’s a delicious pumpkin muffin that they serve year-round at Panera Bread that I’ve been know to order alongside my ‘too large for me to eat in one sitting’ salad.

Sure they’re a bit heavier then a cupcake, bigger in size and they have that bad connotation connected to them with the term muffin top. And yeah, maybe they’re not center stage like the fancy named cupcakes but they certainly have their place in the bread world. They get to show up to the morning event party and they’ve been known to add a tasty treat to the spread at an afternoon meeting for coffee.

Everything has its place in our world and that’s why I’m going to start the trend to look at muffins differently. Muffins should be looked at with a higher status because after all, the muffin really is the cupcake’s cousin.


Photo credit: Muffins

4 thoughts on “Why the muffin is really just the cupcake’s cousin

  1. It’s the raisins that keep muffins in their place. Don’t get me wrong. I love me a raisin. But nothing about it says “fun and reckless.” Cupcakes SCREAM fun. And naughty. Add raisins to a cupcake, and you turn that leather-jacketed bad boy into an accountant.

  2. Too funny …. “Add raisins to a cupcake, and you turn that leather-jacketed bad boy into an accountant.”
    I almost went into the nuts, raisins and fruit in muffins but then realized how much I was rambling about food and making myself hungry.

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