Sunday Funnys: Jake’s Bean

After I wrote that last post, I realized that I may be getting a bit too serious and heavy at times. I came up with a new feature that I’m going to start this month called “Sunday Funnys” to lighten things up around here.

Fortunately – or maybe sometimes unfortunately – my son Jake has the same quirky and weird sense of humor that I do. Most of the times he doesn’t even realize that he’s being funny with the stuff that he does. Like this Friday and the story of his bean.

When I picked him up from school on Friday, he had a cup filled with dirt in his hands. He said it was his ‘bean’ from his plant lifespan project at school. I remember when we did this when I was in school and mine never survived past the time I brought it home.

So he’s got this bean in the dirt that apparently has been sitting in water all week and has grown roots. Everyone in the class took their beans and planted them into these cups so that they could bring them home. Jake decides that he’s going to plant his in the front yard to watch it grow. Then he decided that his bean needed a sign next to it so he could remember where he planted it so he could water it.

When I looked outside to see what he had done, I saw this ….

I had to post that one on Facebook … what a freakin’ riot!!!

And I’ve left it up all weekend so that all the neighbors could see that we’ve “bean there and there’s a bean here.”

One thought on “Sunday Funnys: Jake’s Bean

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