What My Writing Class Taught Me

My writing class has ended this month. We celebrated the ending of class with a night filled with laughter, tears and everyone reading the stories that they had written during our class. It was my first live reading of my writing to people other then those close to me and the occasional ramblings that I say out loud to my dog. I read the story that I shared with you about the birth of my son Jake.

As you can see from the class photo above, Writing Class was filled with unique characters who came from all different parts of the country. They shared their stories with me about their lives growing up, their families, their pain and their moments of joy. After receiving many warm hugs from my classmates, I truly felt fortunate to be able to be apart of something wonderful that happened every Thursday night for 9 weeks with this group of diverse people.

The Writing Class gave me a chance to really look at the how to improve my writing and at times, helped me answer the why I’m writing. Our conversations about the class book that we read and our writing homework gave me a chance to reflect on where I had come since this Balance Quest of mine started almost 2 years ago. I’ve got at least 4 more blog posts ideas that I want to share with everyone that came directly from participating in this Writing Class.

Ironically the one thing that I had wanted from the class was to actually WRITE more often and I hate to admit it, that just didn’t happen. During the 9 weeks that class started, life decided to shake things up and to challenge my never-ending Quest for Balance. Jake started his football career by playing flag football which meant Mondays and Wednesdays became afternoons of pickup from school, homework, trying to figure out what’s a healthy snack for a future running back and then football practice. Football games every Saturday that started at 8:30am took away my chance to catch up on sleep and turned my internal alarm clock into a 6:30am wake up call.

And then there was work. You know the expression, when it rains, it pours? I felt like I was living in a tropical depression. For those of you who don’t live in the Sunshine State, that means it rains so much that you now have a lake residing in your backyard, your own personal troop of ducks and it’s deep enough that you saw the neighbor’s kid out there fishing.

While I can’t complain that my business was continuing to grow, I was struggling to keep up with every deadline. I had gotten several new clients, a client that I hadn’t heard from since last year wanted two new projects and on top of that, my workshop programs were starting to take off. I taught my first blogging workshop in October and taught two other industry-specific custom social media workshops. And then somewhere in all that, I had to find time to do the homework from my Writing Class.

I started working nights again, at least 3 nights a week I would work after I put Jake to bed until it was time for me to go to bed. I found a way to reach down inside and pull out that extra hour or two to get more done. I kept pushing myself to move out of my comfort zone and I constantly heard the voice of Tim Gunn from Project Runway in my head, “Make it work designers, make it work.” I found a way to make it work and when my body would shut down because it needed a break, I gave myself time to recover.

Now that Writing Class and Jake’s flag football games are over, my schedule feels like it has slowed down. I still have my client projects (with hopefully a few more proposals coming in!) but my days don’t seem as hectic. I’m proud of myself for not falling apart during these past few months. I proved to myself something that I always knew …. I can do this. There is no more doubt only a belief in myself about what I’m capable of accomplishing.

I look forward to my next Writing Class in the spring of 2012. I think that Jake will be playing baseball and I can only hope that my business will grow even more and I’ll find more speaking opportunities for me to share my message. When I think about what my Writing Class and the last few months have taught me, I’m reminded about the infamous words of Winnie the Pooh: “You are Braver than you Believe, Smarter than you Seem, and Stronger than you Think.”

Photo credit: Writing Your Life Classes photo taken by Patricia Charpentier

3 thoughts on “What My Writing Class Taught Me

  1. Love it Penney! I love your writing and I love that your business is flourishing. I may print out your last line and tape it on my bathroom mirror.

    • Glad you liked it! It’s amazing to think where this journey has taken me from where I was when I last saw you. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen the next time I see you again 🙂

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