Writing Class: Let’s Hear It For The Boys

I’d like to introduce you all to one of the women in my writing class – Lois Strickland. I felt a strong connection the moment I met her and then once I heard her stories, I could easily see why. Lois’ unique perspective on life reminded me of myself. Her style of writing felt like home and I found myself hanging on every word to see what she would say next.

I would describe Lois as refined woman from one of the mid-west states who, as she claims, is aging gracefully. Lois has lived in Florida for quite some time causing her to somehow develop a particular form of a southern accent.  Lois’ interesting way of speaking and choice of words had the ability to bring out the ‘University of Georgia Bulldog Southern’ pride in me. The conversations in between class of historical buildings and ‘what southern folks considered appropriate things to say’ just added to her charm.

I hope all of you will welcome my first guest blogger, Lois Strickland. I truly believe that you will find her insights as amusing and charming as I do. Enjoy my friends!


Let’s Hear It For The Boys by Lois Strickland

Maybe you’ve seen him, retired football coach, Jimmy Johnson. He of the ‘never messed up hair.’ How he did it, I don’t know. He was the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Miami Dolphins and now a TV football analyst. During all of this, rain or shine or gale force winds, he never had a hair out of place. Whenever he is on TV, I try to check out his hair. Yes, it is still magnificent.

One day while watching TV, there he was with his perfect head of hair. He was talking during a football game. I didn’t realize at first that it was a commercial, and then it dawned on me. He was extolling a wonderful product called “Extenze,” a sure fire remedy for erectile dysfunction. E.D. Remember the shock of Senator Bob Dole doing that first commercial for Viagra? While I was watching him deliver this message, you knew his wife, the very proper Elizabeth Dole, was embarrassed beyond words.

Now if these products can be hustled during a mostly mens’ audience and in the newspaper sports page, I’m amazed that some brilliant marketing man has not captured the customers of home supply stores. Imagine purchasing this product at Home Depot, Lowes or even at Ace Hardware, you know the store you run into when you don’t have time to rush out to the big store.

Upon entering this store there would be an emergency department staffed by a man in a white lab coat, writing a prescription for the fellow who is just there to purchase this for a friend. There is a flashing arrow pointing to various departments where this life altering product could be found on the shelf. Appliances, building materials, hardware or power tools.

I believe as a sales ploy, over near plumbing would be their best bet to increase their bottom line. Nine out ten of these fellows are going to feel the need to load up two bath tubs (we’ve all seen that commercial, haven’t we?) and head for home. Can you imagine his beloved delight when he appears at the door? “Honey, I’m home and do I have a surprise for you.”

I’ve tried to figure out the two bath tubs sitting in the garden by the lake. I’ve inquired of inquiring minds, googled it, to no avail. Nothing. I do know if hear my favorite old coaches, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno talking about E.D., it better be about their school’s education department.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/john-pozadzides/3876524087/

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