There’s no where to go but up

It’s time to shake things up my friends! 

I ran into my good friend Christy last week and the first thing out her mouth was, ‘So what is the big decision that you made?’ I went into more details with her about everything that was going on. Christy let me know that she had been following my journey in my blog and then she told me that she wanted more. More details about me, more details about what was going on with my decisions and just basically, more blog posts.

And here I was feeling so proud of myself for taking those hard steps out of my comfort zone to write the most recent blog posts and share my emotions with you all. I had purposely been vague about certain details if only to protect the innocent but now I think we’re past that place in this process. My conversation with Christy made me realize that it was time to peel back another layer and keep moving forward with my Quest.

I had pushed myself up a tough flight of stairs this year and by not really sharing the details and just talking about my emotions, I think I had just found myself on the landing of the staircase. I could stay here on this landing and setup camp but that’s not where I want to be. I want to get to the top of stairs and look down to see everything that I’ve accomplished in my business, my home life with Jake and in the personal world that I created.

So here we go — time to get off the landing and get back up those stairs.  Next month I’m starting a writing class for 9 weeks and I’ll have to write a personal life story each week. I decided that I’m going share these stories with you so from now on, you can expect to see at least two (or maybe more depending on how the class goes!) monthly blog posts from me. One that will continue to focus on my Quest for Balance and at least one more post that will highlight the stories from my writing class.

I want you all to know how much I have appreciated all of your support with your comments, emails and conversations regarding my Quest. Always know that I do feel truly blessed to know that you’re all along with me in the sidecar as we continue through this journey together.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. – Martin Luther King Jr.

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