Living in My Own Reality Show

Ever feel like you’re in a reality show? Like any minute Stacey and Clinton from What Not To Wear are going to jump out from around the corner. Then after you stop yourself from fainting, they say, “We’ve been secretly filming you for the past two weeks. And we’re going to watch the footage with all your family, friends and our millions of viewers. Want to watch?”

Um … no … I mean really guys, no not really. Don’t get me wrong … I’ll take your $5,000 credit card to go shopping but we’re not going to watch that footage of what I wore last week when I walked my dog. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen.

I’ve been having lots of conversations about reality lately, specifically how the choices that you make create your reality. For some reason this thought seemed to connect itself with the people who I watch on reality shows. I admit it, I’m a closet reality TV watcher but not that over-the-top reality stuff like Housewives of some kind of county or Jersey Shore. I’m more of the Top Chef, What Not To Wear, Next Food Network Star and Project Runway kind of gal. There’s something interesting to me to watch the journey of these ordinary people with their own unique skills go through this transformation to become a stronger, more confident person. Sometimes they win and sometimes they don’t, but all of them have been touched by this process and learned to grow from it.

As I continue to move through my journey to discover my authentic self, I found myself on many days struggling to keep back the tears. I know my male readers (and you all know who you are!) are just thinking to yourself that this is just a woman thing, all women cry and chances are, its probably just that time of the month for me. I’m here to tell you that isn’t what it is. Trust me, I can tell when I’m full-blown in the PMS cycle and that’s not what I’m feeling.

The Quest-driven part me started to ask, “Where is this emotion coming from? And you better stop before your kid comes home and wants to know what’s wrong.” This outburst of emotion reminded of all the people on those reality shows that you see crying in the promo for the upcoming episode. I use to think to myself, did you just cry over some guy on The Batchelor that you just met a week ago? Did you really think that you were in love and he was the one? (Alright … I admit it, I watch The Batchelor! Let it go folks … I wonder what I’ll find if I check what’s in your DVR?)

I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be living in my own reality show. All of those people who I questioned ‘what’s up that crying?’ is now starting to make more sense to me. They’re not crying to bring drama or even a distraction into their lives. Those tears mean something. Whether that person is facing their fears, learning to believe in themselves or just clearing off the layers of their past emotional debris, those people on the reality shows are going through a transformation like I am. We all have made an intentional decision to put ourselves out there, the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly tears.


Photo credit: Girl crying

2 thoughts on “Living in My Own Reality Show

  1. Proud of you! Let those tears flow, whether you understand their meaning or not, they are authentically yours…and that’s what makes em special. 🙂

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