My Phone is Dead … And I Don’t Feel So Good Myself

My Blackberry died earlier this month. I wish that I could say that it was a technical error from the phone but it wasn’t. It was pure operator error on my part. I am notoriously clumsy and can’t tell you how many times I must have dropped the phone. Guess the phone decided that it had enough of me treating it that way and it just went black.

After several minutes of screaming and yelling a few certain words that I can’t repeat in front of my child, I headed to the Verizon store. I can thank the good folks at Verizon for taking care of replacing my Blackberry (and my phone replacement insurance) so quickly but there was still some downtime when I had to activate an old phone while I waited for my new Blackberry to arrive. My old phone allowed me to make calls and do some texting but I couldn’t check my email, log on to Facebook and or even check my bank balance.

I admit it – I’ve turned into one of those people who check my email on my phone before I even get out of bed. I check the weather before I get dressed.  I read Facebook updates when I’m waiting in the carline to pick up Jake. So here I was with this …. this phone thing … and I felt so frustrated. After it took me 30 minutes to remember how to text without a keyboard, I gave up. My last text that I sent out that day said ‘i miss my phone’.

I couldn’t call in sick because my phone had died so I went about my day which included a trip to Tampa to see a client. Usually a drive like that included checking emails throughout the day and listening to my favorite talk shows on I-Heart-Radio (I’m addicted to the ‘Stephanie Miller Show’ in the morning!). I couldn’t do any of my usual behavior – I felt disconnected and all alone.

I showed up early for my meeting. My usual waiting behavior was to check my emails and text messages but now I was stuck sitting there in the lobby listening to Muzak. I listened to the music and tried to see if I could figure out the songs. Alex … I’ll take “Songs from the ’70’s that are now unrecognizable as elevator music for $600” … What is Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline? (My parents would be so proud that I knew that one.)

On the drive back, I discovered a local station that played songs from the ’80’s and ’90’s. Instead of talking on the phone to my clients or responding to a question in an email to one of my partners, I belted out the words to why ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and actually enjoyed a relaxing drive back to Orlando.

After the new replacement phone was up and running, I kept wondering … why did it take something to break for me to remember to unplug from technology? Then I remembered why — it was once again one of those ‘life lesson’ moments reminding me to make time in my day to find that balance that I’ve been working so hard to find this year.

It’s October and I’ve been working on this since December of last year. You’d think I’d have some answers by now! I know that I’m making some progress but I’m having one of those moments where I’m reaching out to all of my readers … let me know what you do to make time in your day to take a break? Post up your comments or reach out to me personally with your suggestions.

I leave you today with one of my favorite quotes from “Kung Fu Panda” to remind us to live for today:

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called Present.
– Master Oogway (the turtle)

Let me know, what do you think?

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