The Student Was Ready

We all know the statement that goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  In my case, they forgot to add that “she’ll show up at a networking meeting, sit down next to you and say, Hi I’m Tina.” Well that’s what happened to me back in June when I was still floating around in my distracted state and trying to regain my balance with work and my personal life. I met my new teacher Tina, an amazing hypnotherapist who I believe truly pulled me back on track.

Yeah …  I know that I haven’t written in a couple of months. I was waiting to complete all of my sessions with Tina and to see if I could make it through the book about “happy working moms” that I had started back in May.  I finished my last session the last week of June and I’m about 3/4 of the way through the book. I can honestly say that I’ve found myself in a much better place than I was during the last post.

I’ve never been to a hypnotherapist so I wasn’t sure what to expect and Tina let me know she didn’t have a plan for our sessions. We would just let things flow the way that they were suppose to go. When I first met with her, my head was cycling with everything going on (Did I need to add more to that proposal? What did that client say she needed when? Was I spending too much time working while Jake was watching TV?) and at times it was causing an anxiety where I could actually feel my stomach going flippity-flop.

All I can say now … WOW … amazing … I’m on the hypnotherapy band wagon and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to shut out your negative thoughts. I don’t just feel like myself again but a better version of the ‘happy working mommy’ that I always thought that I could be.

These past couple of months have brought some great changes in my life. The hypnotherapy sessions put me back on the right path to be able to increase my productivity and I brought in three more clients. The lessons I learned during my sessions gave me the clarity to re-establish a connection with my long distance relationship and we’re back together in a new and better place then before we broke up.

I also learned a better way to deal with my ex-husband (and those of you who know my ex, KNOW what I’m talking about!) as we finalized a legal action I had filed that had been dragging on for almost a year. Instead of the worry and concerns that would always fill my mind, I was able to take a step back and do what I needed to do. Now I know that whatever happens with the way that he responds to me, I know that I can handle it to do what’s right for my son.

And my dog Woodrow took a turn for the worst 2 weeks ago and the vet says that this is really the beginning of the end. While I’m sad about the idea of losing him, the sessions taught me how to think of all our happy memories together. The old me would have just cried every time I looked at him. I know that I’ll still be a mess on his last day but at least now I know that I have the tools to handle the loss.

These past couple of months have helped me answer one of my questions about creating a support system in a way that works for me and my life. I’m proud to say that now Tina is part of my support system and I couldn’t have come this far without her. I’m looking forward to where else this Quest will take me.

While I haven’t finished my ‘happy working mom book,’  I have found one quote in the book that I now know to be true and words to live by … “When you align your own expectations to your values, not to the values of others, you feel more in sync and less stressed. That’s a truism for working mothers everywhere.”

One thought on “The Student Was Ready

  1. Wow… happy to hear you are happy! thanks for the insight on something that would never have crossed my mind. I’m open minded and may want the number of Tina for assistance.

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