Google Search “Can I really have it all?”

I ran a Google search on the phrase “Can I really have it all?” Yep, really I did … and here’s what I found … a book about how to live your life in your 50’s and an article from Ireland dated in 2008 about women who are happier at home then working.

Somehow the key words found this string:  Could Noah’s Ark really hold all those animals? Hmm … not really what I was looking for but I’ll click on it later because I’ve often wondered the same thing whenever I’ve heard the story about Noah and his big boat.

Honestly folks, I’m having a tough month and I’m feeling frustrated with this Quest for Balance in my life. I found out this month that my 11 year-old Golden Retriever Woodrow is having health problems and the vet gave him maybe 6 more months to live. That was a tough one to hear. Woodrow has been with me through all my struggles in the past decade. Some days, he was the only one there for me.

And earlier this month, my 3-year relationship officially came to an end. We ended our relationship around the holidays last year but we had the final closure this month. There’s no need for me to rehash all the details but the plain and simple truth was we ended it because of the actual driving distance between us.

When I realized that I was struggling with a long distance relationship, I started questioning myself, how was I going to fit a relationship into my life with someone who actually lives in the same town as me? All you married people …. how do you do it? How do you work, take care of your family AND have a good marriage?

After more days then I care to admit to of being distracted by everything that happened this month, I started reading a book that a friend had given me last year. It’s called “What Happy Working Mothers Know.” When my friend first gave me the book, I laughed and said, “Yeah, is there really such a thing called a happy working mother or are we all just stressed, tired and just trying to get by every day.”

I put my jokes and pessimism aside and I started reading this book with  the hopes that their ‘new findings in positive psychology’ can actually show me how to have a happy balance in my life. At this point, I think that anything I can do will be better for me then sitting on the couch, watching Dr Who re-runs and eating Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Fortunately, I still have my work and I’ve been able to secure another client this month amidst all the personal crisis fog that I’ve been living in. I’ve finalized writing out one of my Life Goals to ‘Grow My Business’. These were the goal plans that I had been working on from the December goal setting class. I got a little work done on the weekends and I did start working on my Life Goals’ action items this month. So yeah, I’ll take that positive step forward.

I have certainly appreciated all the comments sent to me either on this blog, by personal message or for those of you who have joined me in a working mom’s lunch. I’d really like to get some feedback on this question of just how to find a way to balance a relationship in your already busy life, so continue to send me your comments and suggestions.

Then a Friday miracle happened to lift the crisis fog …. a friend called me to say that he couldn’t go to the Buffett concert this weekend and did I want his tickets … for FREE? Ah … the Parrothead gods always seem to find me to make things right in the world again.

As I walked around the Tampa tailgating party and looked at all the Parrotheads in their colorful shirts mixing drinks in blenders, I couldn’t help but think of a quote from one of my TV heroes, Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City fame (changed slightly to fit my life):

It’s tempting to wish for the perfect job,
the perfect child or the perfect outfit,
but maybe the best we can do is not quit,
play the hand we’ve been given and accessorize the outfit we’ve got.

3 thoughts on “Google Search “Can I really have it all?”

  1. You can have it all – maybe just not all in exactly the way you envisioned it or not all at the same time. I have learned over the years that if I will carve out 90 minutes during my work week to really look at and plan the next week, it makes a difference – or at least helps me stay focused on what is important.

    • Thanks Tammy! Fortunately for me, I am a big planner – I plan out our menu for the week, I plan out what needs to get done for work each week and sometimes, I’m even planning what needs to be on the “to-do” list for the weekends. I guess some days it just feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

      BTW – went to your blog site and loved the story about the food choices at your son’s school! Hope you get some answers on how to deal with this for next school year. Great to meet another mommy blogger – keep me posted on your next blog post!

  2. Well my friend all I can say is that I try to be positive for my sanity and for my kids. No one likes a grumpy mommy. But gotta say that there is no way to stay positive all the time and that is OK.

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