Why I’m Jealous of Celebrities

As I stood in the living room folding laundry that had been sitting in the dryer for two days (Geesh, did I really just admit to that?) at 9:20 one night, I had a thought. I’m jealous of celebrities … and not for the reasons that you think that I am. Its not because they have so  much money or because they can travel anywhere and not worry about who’s covering them at work … well, maybe those reasons would be included in my jealous rant but that’s NOT the main reason.

Its because these “working mom” celebrities all have help. They have a maid, a nanny and a personal assistant. What I wouldn’t give to have someone come over and fold this laundry, pick up my son from school and just run checks to the bank for me.

I realized that I could get so much more work done if I had a personal assistant and who was cool to do a little cleaning on the side. Not an assistant in that Brady Bunch’s Alice ‘I’m a strange woman’ way, more like the Fran Dresher from Nanny kind of way. I could put up with that laugh for some help!

I’ve interviewed three more working moms this past month and the one thing that I’ve realized is that they were all married and had a support system at home. Let’s be honest, we know that these men aren’t doing the laundry but some of them actually cooked dinner while a few others picked up their kids from school. I realized that short of marrying of a man to help him get his Green Card,  I needed to find a support system to get me through this Quest.

So where does a divorced single mom find a support system? My Quest led me to something called CafeMom.com where I can connect with other single working moms. When I clicked in and found 120 groups for single moms, I clicked right back out. This Quest is about regaining my lost time not finding one more web site that I need to go to every day to check in with others (hey – I’ve got Facebook for that!).

So my task for next month’s blog is to find a support system for some help to be more productive for work. Here is the part where I ask for your advice – please let me know if you have any suggestions for how any of you have figured out to grow a support system for yourself.

So what happened this month you’re all asking yourselves?  What worked and what didn’t?

1. Using non-business hours to do the ‘business of doing business’ type of work – well … you know I tried to work at night, really I did but who came up with the idea to put the BSC College Game AND the season premiere of The Biggest Loser AND The Batchelor (the really cute on from the season with Jillian!) all in the same week! Week number one didn’t go so well.

So I came up with Plan B – weekends and after school. I’ve worked two full days on Saturdays when my son was at his Father’s for the weekend and I found a way to get in some time when I brought Jake home from school. My new found equation is as follows: One Phineas and Ferb + One Fanboy and Chum Chum = one hour of work for Mommy.

Yep, I admit it – the TV became my babysitter. But it also bought me an additional 5 hours of work that week. I figure it couldn’t really hurt except now Jake walks around the house saying “poop” and laughing really loud when he farts. I can always play it off like he’s just in training to be a man.

2. Breaking up the big projects into smaller pieces – I did get a chance to get together with my friend to review the goal setting exercises and we found a way to break up the workbook into more manageable tasks. We’re still in the process of defining how to handle everything but it feels good to know that I don’t have this unattainable deadline hanging over my head.

So where are we right now? Still trying to find creative ways to get more time for work, will start researching how to create a better support system (please send me your ideas and suggestions) and  if anyone knows a personal assistant who’d love to work for free, please send them my way! You know, now that I think about it, I don’t think that I’ve seen Fran Dresher on TV or the movies lately … do you think she needs a job? Hey Fran … call me …

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